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    The Cattle

    The Cattle
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    We Pride Ourselves On Being The Best!

    Morgan Ranch consistently produces state and national champion show steers. Come by the ranch prior to each sale to view our calves. If you have any questions about breeding please contact us. You can view upcoming and previous calves for sale at auction, as well as past champions below or by visiting our Flickr page.

    Morgan Ranch Wagyu History

    --Herd established in 1992 from the purchase of the C.Itoh operation

    --Foundation lines of Mazada , Fuji and 107 Plus

    --95' addition of genetics from Japan from JVP Partners including sires # 400 and 931

    --97' addition of genetics from Takeda Farms including sires Terutani and Itomichi

    --98' addition of genetics from Crescent Harbor Ranch including sire # 408 & 401

    --00' addition of genetics from Westholm Wagyu including sire # 002

    --06' Winner of the Wall Street Journal Best Value Award in the blind taste of Wagyu Beef

    --07' Honored by American Wagyu Assoc. Most registered High Percentage Wagyu in the U.S.

    --08' Honored by American Wagyu Assoc. Most registered Purebred Wagyu in the U.S.

    Hereford Cattle

    The Morgan’s have been raising Hereford cattle in Burwell, Nebraska for more than 70 years.

    Known for their remarkable adaptability, strength, feed efficiency, gentle disposition, and high-quality finished product, the Hereford breed has been virtually synonymous with the American beef industry since its introduction just over century ago. In keeping with that tradition, the Morgan Ranch markets both the high-quality beef (labeled American) and maintains an award-winning registered herd recognized for its exemplary genetics.

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