Dan's Cooking Tips

Sirloin filet

Sprinkle a little sugar on it before grilling, it brings out the sweetness of meat.

Any steak, but especially skirt or hanger steak

Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the meat after it is cooked as this small step completes
the flavor profile.

Ground beef

For a bit of variety I like to add just a teaspoon of soy-based teriyaki sauce, or even a bit of sweet and sour sauce, to one side of my hamburger just after putting it on the grill. If I am cooking a lot of them, say 10 lbs worth of ground beef, I add four eggs to the defrosted meat and mix it up well with my hands. For this much meat, the eggs help the hamburgers hold their shape on the grill.


If you want all your rib-eye steaks to be the same shape and size when you carve them, quickly sear the full rib-eye before wrapping it very tightly in Saran Wrap and place it in the coldest part of fridge overnight. The next day, remove Saran Wrap and cut your rib-eye into your desired thickness.

Rib roast

If you’re feeling in an especially “Wagyu” mood, make a meal called Shabu-Shabu. This traditional Japanese dish is actually simple to make, and is incredibly rewarding in showing off the richness of Wagyu meat. First, shave your rib roast into ¼ slices, or have your local butcher do it for you. Then, in a pot of boiling water, cook your favorite garden vegetables and bring the pot out to your family or guests. Keep the light soup warm with a small flame, like with a fondue, and grab the thin slices of meat with your chop sticks, dipping them into the soup for 10 seconds to cook. Pick out the vegetables at will and after you’ve had your fill of the meat and vegetables, add noodles to the water and slurp them down when cooked.

Short rib

When cooking short rib, poke some holes in the aluminum foil covering the pan. This allows the meat to finish with a distinctly short rib flavor rather than a roast flavor.

Carving Roast

With a carving roast, cut a whole clove of garlic into small slivers and insert the pieces into the meat before cooking.

Carving roast, coulette, or Prime rib roast

Several hours (or even the day before) you prepare any of these cuts, pare the trimmings and cook them in a cast iron skillet on low heat until they are liquid. Run the liquid through a strainer and pour it into small cupcake or dollop-sized cups. Place in the fridge and, once chilled, you’ve got a great Wagyu butter to spread – and slowly melt – over the finished meat.


Cut the meat into cubes and get together your favorite assortment of fresh garden vegetables (zucchini, okra, peppers, and tomatoes are some of my favorite but many are great). Then, in a pan with holes in the bottom, quickly sear the meat. Add your chopped veggies to the same pan like you would a stir-fry, grill to desire and serve over rice.

All Natural
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