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To maintain the outstanding quality of the meat we strongly recommend you follow our instructions for handling and cooking.

Storage Instructions

1. You can keep it frozen up to one year after packaging.
2. Thaw it slowly in a refrigiator. It can take up to 48 hours.
3. Then remove the vacuum foil and wrap it in cheesecloth.
(moistening the cheesecloth helps to smoothen the cheesecloth for easier handling).
4. If the cut has a fat side, turn the fat side up, as it helps to protect the color of the non-fat sides.
5. You can store it up to 3 weeks in the refrigiator. The recommended temperature is 38 F to 40 F.

Preparation and Cooking

1. (Important) Once you take it out of the refrigiator you have to allow the meat to reach room temperature. Depending on how cold it is this can take up to one hour. You can test it by poking the fat. If it is soft like butter the meat is ready for cooking.
2. The meat is ideal for grilling and frying.
3. The temperature should be medium high (at least 500 up to 1400 F). As the fat has a very low melting point (about 1/3 under the melting point of regular beef), high temperatures are needed to seal the meat and capture the juices / fat. However, there is a limit.
4. While it is on heat, turn it quite often, e.g. every minute, to ensure that it is heated up from both sides equally.
5. Prepare it medium rare. Be carefull, as the fat of the meat has a lower melting point, you really have to watch. The temperature of the core should be between 130 F and 135 F.
6. Different cuts show a different sensitivity to the cooking time. E.g. the top butt heart is a great piece of meat when it comes to taste, however, it is most sensitive to the cooking time as it shows fewer marbeling compared to other cuts.

The Meat Has An Extensive Liver Taste

Reason #1

Reason #2

The heat was not high enough. Lipids oxidated and created the liver taste. Especially, American beef with its extensive feeding program tends to do so, if the heat is not high enough.

The heat was too high. Lipids oxidated and created the liver taste. Especially, American beef with its extensive feeding program tends to do so, if the heat is too high.



Increase the heat to at least 600 F.

Decrease the heat to less than 1400 F.

The Meat is Not Tender Enough

Reason #1

Reason #2

Meat was not room temperature before cooking. The fiber of the meat is contracted instead of released.

Meat went above the medium rare grade and lost too much fat.



Make sure that you have enough time in advance before you cook it. Allow it to reach room temperature. Use the poke test to see if the fat is soft as butter.

Shorten the cooking time and make sure that it is medium rare. Remember the meat cooks a little bit further when you remove it from the heat.


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