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Founded in 1934, when Aunt Ollie and Uncle Alex escaped the hot, dry, and drought-stricken plains around Bard, New Mexico for what they called the Oasis of Nebraska, the ranch is now operated by four generations of Morgans.

In the early days, Ollie and Alex drove herds of Longhorn north to summer on the lush grasses of their “Oasis” around Burwell, Nebraska, then shipping them by train to packing houses in Kansas City as winter set. Twenty-two years later, in 1956, Aunt Ollie moved back south to Amarillo, Texas leaving her brother Dan, his wife Doris, their two little boys, Danny and Ronny, a dog, a horse, and nine yearling heifers to start out on their own. Like most ranches, the Morgan’s Longhorns gave way to the better Hereford breed and the family, now six in total, soon succeeded in building those first nine animals into one of the most recognized brands in the state. Later, in 1992 they introduced one of America’s first Wagyu herds into the country, a brand recognized not just from San Francisco to New York City but also from Tokyo to London.

The ranch is still operated, as it always has been, as a family affair with Doris sharing duty with two of her sons and one daughter, and Ronny’s two children, Roger and Patrick, now taking the late night shifts. In addition to riding herd, delivering calves, fixing fences, and traveling the world over to showcase their beef, the family is also involved in their community. Doris, with her weekly bridge-playing friends, is one of many people that volunteer at the local blood mobile. Her daughter Jeanne works part-time as a desktop publisher and writer for several livestock publications. Jason, her fourth child, runs his own very successful direct marketing and consumer business in Japan, and now heads his local Chamber of Commerce and Young Entrepreneurs Association. While for Dan it is local, state, and national politics that turns his head. Rounding out the original four siblings, Ronny served 17 years on the local school board while his sons, Roger and Patrick, serve as National President of the Junior Hereford Association and volunteer as an EMT and rural firefighter respectively.

It is a tradition, a lifestyle, a commitment, and a love that Patrick passes on to his daughter Claire, daily.
Morgan Family Ranch

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