The Chefs

Chefs Around The World Enjoy Morgan Ranch

Whether you're in Germany or in the heart of Chicago, you can enjoy Morgan Ranch Beef from some of the amazing chefs that we work with.

Carlos & Debbie Nieto

Located in Highland Park , IL . -

Carlos & Debbie Nieto successful Chicago area restauranteurs for 28 years. Owners of Carlos' a Zagat survery #1 restaurant featuring contempory French Cusine.

Cafe Central a contempory French Bistro located on Central Ave in Highland Park IL.

Morgan Ranch has worked with Carlos and Debbie and their son Adam for over 8 years. Using many different cuts of meat, plate presentations, experiments, good times, parties and charitable events.

Great cookbook written by Carlos and Debbie Nieto called Carlos Contempory French Cuisine

Chef Dominique Macquet

"I have been using Morgan Ranch Wagyu beef for over a decade now on all my menus, in all my restaurants. It's been by far the most consistent product that I have ever been exposed to. The flavor of this beef is delicate, intense, and extremely flavorful, it lingers on your palate like a fine wine. I have also used this product in various celebrity chefs events, such as, The White House in Washington D.C., The Food and Wine Festival at the Epcot Center in Disney, The James Beard Foundation in New York, to The U.S. Embassy in Paris. Morgan Ranch beef has always worked for me and my guests."

Check out Dominique's cook books. Dominique's Fresh Flavors and Dominique's Tropical Latitudes

Chef Martin Heuser

Kansas City, MO -

German trained Chef Martin Heuser transferred to the Westin Crown Center , Kansas City, MO a year and a half ago and began using Morgan ranch products. In the Benton Steak & Chop House located at the top of the tower Chef Heuser uses everything from the filet mignon, ribeye, tail, tongue and hanging tender to create crowd pleasing plates in this upscale restaurant.

The Church Brew Works

Pittsburgh, PA. -

The Church Brew Works a rockin micro brew restaurant combination in Pittsburgh, PA. Owner Sean Casey and Executive Chef Jason Marrone working with Morgan Ranch product for over 5 years. Lunch & bar , center of the plate , promotions, charitable events , political fundraisers are just a few of the fun times working together.


Ribeye / Delmonico

Thick, juicy, and full-flavored, this most succulent cut of Wagyu beef is a favorite among chefs as well as most highly-refined,
meat-savvy customers.

Direct consumer orders are available all across the EU for Morgan Ranch product. Shipping via UPS. This includes both Morgan Ranch American Wagyu product and Morgan Ranch American Beef product. Orders are shipped from our site in Germany. Prices are different and need to be placed by contacting the Ranch directly at:
(303) 346-4349