Tri-Tip Roast Package

Size: Two Tri-Tip Roasts - Two pounds Ground Beef - Two pounds Kabobs

Tri-Tip has long been a crowd-pleaser. Now make it a whole Morgan Ranch Wagyu Tri-Tip to turn up the umami! Our Tri-Tip Roasts are heavily marbled yet well trimmed and ready for cooking. This cut is a favorite of our WineBerserker friends.

Whole Tri-Tips are great roasted or grilled. After letting it come to room temperature, we like to cook the roast slowly. Once the Tri-Tip reaches an internal temperature of 125 to 130 degrees F we add a nice sear the the outside. Let rest for several minutes and then slice against the grain (a very important and often missed technique) before serving.

Purchase this package and we'll ship you two individually packaged Tri-Tip Roasts (about 2 lbs each), plus two one pound bricks of Ground Beef and two one pound packages of Kabobs (1 inch cubes of sirloin).