The Morgan Climate Smart Promise

The Morgan Ranch Carbon-Climate Smart Promise
We produce great beef in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Climate and sustainability are at the forefront of
everything we do, and for a good reason. The Sandhills are the world’s most intact prairie and boast a
diverse mixture of native plant and animal species. Below this prairie lies the Ogallala Aquifer, a vast
underground body of water that provides the cattle and us with fresh-clean drinking water. 
The Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer are fragile natural resources that deserve protection.  The
Sandhills’ native prairie ecosystem is great at sequestering carbon and safely storing it underground.
Vegetative cover, diverse plant life, extensive roots systems, and minimal soil disturbance provide a
perfect environment in the soil for carbon sequestration. Regenerative livestock grazing practices are
crucial to a healthy vegetation variety. Morgan Ranch utilizes rotational grazing and pasture resting to
maintain a healthy ecosystem. Wind and solar renewable energy are also utilized on the Morgan Ranch,
lessening any environmental disturbance.
On the Morgan Ranch, we’ve never tilled the soil, never disrupted these plants and their extensive root
systems. Additionally, we never treat the land with harsh pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring that there is
never toxic runoff into our cherished aquifer. 
As multi-generational ranchers we know a thing or two about protecting the land. We were awarded the
2013 Region VII Environmental Stewardship Award along with our neighbors, the Switzer Ranch. Our
ranches work hard to advance the sandhills ecosystem. Sustainable, carbon-climate smart practices
provide our ecosystem a chance to thrive, protecting the native wildlife in the Gracie Creek Important
Bird Area and promoting regeneration of the endangered Blowout Penstemon.
We at Morgan Ranch realize how important and fragile our climate and environment are. When you
purchase Morgan Ranch American Wagyu Beef, you can be assured that we are doing our part to
protect the ecosystem while producing the world’s best beef.