Wagyu or Kobe?

The word Wagyu simply translates as Japanese cattle – ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese or Japanese-style, while ‘gyu’ means cattle. With their introduction to the American market, restaurants found that customers had trouble either spelling or pronouncing the word. Consequently, many started substituting the name of the Japanese Prefecture most recognized as having the highest quality Wagyu beef – Kobe. And the name stuck.

Simply put, our difference is this: we put our family name on our product.

If we wouldn’t be proud to serve it to our families, we’d never want you to serve it to yours. And our promise is kept by putting our family name on every package of beef that leaves our ranch. That is the strongest assurance we can think of, to put our family name, our four generations of tradition and trust, on every piece of beef we produce. We maintain ownership and complete quality control of our product from our field to your fork. And we give you our word, we give you our name.