Receiving your Morgan Ranch Wagyu Beef

Timely Shipping: For our premium Wagyu Beef, timing is crucial. If you place your order from Sunday through noon on Thursday, we strive to dispatch your order within 24 hours. Orders received after our Thursday packaging process will be shipped out on the following Monday.
Shipping and Packaging: At Morgan Ranch, we believe in taking care of our customers. That's why you won't incur any additional charges for shipping and packaging when you purchase from us.
Specialized Shipping: Rest assured, we use specialized shipping containers to send your order. Each piece of beef is individually packaged and frozen. Our system is designed to accommodate minor shipping delays. If your steaks start to thaw before they reach you, you can safely refreeze them.
Weather Considerations: Located in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska, we are no strangers to the whims of Mother Nature. Shipping delays may occur due to blizzards, floods, or other natural events. Please bear with us during such circumstances.
Uncontrollable Delays: While we do our best to provide a smooth shipping experience, we cannot control any delays caused by FedEx. We closely monitor national weather conditions to anticipate any potential delays. If necessary, we'll reach out to you to create a customized shipping plan that suits your needs.

We hope these details help clarify our shipping process, ensuring that you receive your premium Wagyu beef products in the best possible condition.


FedEx truck driving past Morgan Ranch.