The Morgan Ranch

Ranch Life Couldn't Be Better.

Located in Burwell, Nebraska, the Morgan Ranch sits in the Sandhills. Nebraska's Sandhills are known for abundant grasses, perfect climate, and spring-fed streams. The region is among the best cattle-producing areas in the world.

The Sandhills were formed by blowing sand and are stabilized by a layer of vegetation consisting mainly of grasses. They are the largest sand dune formation in the western hemisphere. The plentiful lakes, streams, and wetlands fed by springs from the Ogallala Aquifer provide fresh, clean drinking water to the people and animals that call the Sandhills home. 

This diverse eco-region provides abundant cattle grazing and a habitat for birds and wildlife. Along with two neighboring ranches, Morgan Ranch is a Gracie Creek Landowners association member. The ranches recognize that we live in an excellent habitat and work to conserve that habitat. Our ranching practices focus on the conservation and sustainability of the land, carbon sequestration, and support of native species. The area is a migratory highway for birds and home to several at-risk or endangered species, including the American Burying Beetle, Blowout Penstemon, Blandings Turtle, Swift Fox, and Northern Long-eared Bat. The sustainability of this ecosystem is at the front of our minds when making ranching decisions. The bottom line is that if we don't take care of the land and wildlife, they won't be around for future generations. 

Our conservation efforts are recognized by the National Audubon Society ( and the World Wildlife Fund (  

In 2013 we were awarded an environmental stewardship award by the National Cattleman's Beef Association.