Animal Conditions

A Beautiful Home For Our Cattle.

All our cattle are raised in a safe, clean, humane, and all natural environment. We wouldn't have it any other way.

We give no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and administer no hormones for either growth enhancement or any other reason. Finally, our cattle are never fed any animal bi-products. As importantly as what we don’t do, however, is what we do.

We recognize that high quality meat is not a race to the finish line, and we are not selling a commodity product. Instead, we produce value, and value takes time, attention, patience, and care.

All Morgan Ranch cattle are fed a balanced ration according to a nutritionist’s guidelines for age, weight, size, breeding, and gestation. Typical feed rations include a variety of grasses, alfalfa, corn, distiller’s grains, as well as natural vitamin and mineral supplements.